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Fundraising Made Easy!

At Giggling Kids Craft we understand that fundraising is a key part of our community and finding new ways to generate funds can be challenging. We have developed a process that provides a stress free and easy fundraising model.

Whether you are looking for an activity for a Fete or exploring Fundraising Drive options, Giggling Kids Crafts can help. We have worked with many organisations from playgroups, kindergartens, schools, childcare centers, church groups, to name a few.

Fund Raising With GigglingKidsCraft

Fetes/Community events – our most popular items include Sand Art, Batik painting and Scratch Art. Parents are always impressed when they see the finished artworks and schools are amazed at how our activities keep parents at their events longer! Our crafts provide inexpensive, engaging entertainment throughout the event with minimal set up required.

Fundraising DrivesOur fundraising drive requires low resources and it’s easy to implement. 20% of sales dollars will go to your organization, which can be redeemed in cash or product. PLUS for every $100 of sales you will receive an extra $10 voucher to redeem for our crafts.

Benefits of Fundraising with Giggling Kids Craft

  • We provide ongoing advice and support to ensure you can achieve maximum return.
  • Our crafts are affordable and high quality.
  • Something for everyone – The crafts are suitable for children of all ages (from 3+ years), with options for both boys and girls.
  • Broad Appeal –  Our craft will appeals to parents, grandparents, aunties/uncles, friends and neighbours – they are great gift ideas and craft activities for children to enjoy! Thus allowing you to raise funds among your circle of family & friends.

To contact us or find out more, please email us at or call us on 0422789379.

Sand Art Fetes and Festivals With GigglingKidsCraft

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