Small With Stencil Kits

Scratch Art with Stencil is as exciting as freehand. Simply place the stencil on the Scratch Art card, draw the outlines of the stencil and then fill them in. Once done, remove the stencil and add extra message or drawings. In our experience one is never enough, kids always want to do more.

The stencils is reusable, you can use them again with our Plain Scrath Art Small kit (10 pieces of scratch paper per kit) so your children can continue to enjoy our Scratch Art crafts.

Tips: For younger children, please secure the stencil using bulldog or paper clips.

Butterfly 2.9 AUD
Sport Car 2.9 AUD
Rocket 2.9 AUD
Owl 2.9 AUD
Shark 2.9 AUD
Kite 2.9 AUD
Plane 2.9 AUD
Cat 2.9 AUD
Parrot 2.9 AUD
Mali 2.9 AUD
Dolphin 2.9 AUD
Dino (New) 2.9 AUD


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