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“I am so glad I found your website. I discovered it because my 7 year old daughter Chloe loves 3D foam crafts. Along with many 3D foam craft purchases, I have now bought your Scratch Art Kits, Sand Art kits & Sand Art Party Pack. I have stocked up as they are great for weekends, Birthday & Christmas presents. Other than quality, your products are very reasonably priced. You were also extremely helpful when I had trouble with your website and was very impressed with your effort in ensuring a quick delivery of my order.Thank U.” Becky from Roseville, NSW(mother of 3 girls aged 7, 3 and 1)


“Your crafts were the best thing I bought for my special needs daughter. Her little face was so happy, it was great for us doing the crafts and spending time together. We were both waiting for the postman everyday after I made my second order. Your crafts were affordable and you were very helpful and understanding. I would recommend this company to anyone that have kids, they don’t need to be special needs. They should be more company like this.” Karen from Seven Hills, NSW


DIY Sand Art Party Kit:  

“We received our birthday party kit really quick.  The 20 eight year old girls loved your craft… thanks to your product service and information, Sophie’s birthday party was a success.. even with pouring rain today… thanks and we will speak again.” Leah from Macquarie Fields, NSW 

“What a fabulous idea, the children went home with a nice souvenir – a masterpiece to display in their room.” Ashley  (dad of twin boys age 6)

“Most kids’ drawings are normally not recognisable, look at what they created here – absolutely amazing. This will give them confidence and they actually enjoyed it.” Rema (mum of girl aged 5 and boy aged 7)

“We hired Sand Art for my husband 40th as we had 10 kids attending the party with their folks. What a treat, all the children were so engaged with Sand Art, there is not a single fuss. We all had a ball, thank you!” Carolyn (Mount Albert North)


School Supplies

I am writing to thank you for your fantastic creative resources. We are a local kindergarten, we use many of your crafts on a daily bases within our educational play based program. Your crafts offer our children the opportunity to extend their developing confidence and skill. In particular, Scratch Art experience engages the children, supports their fine motor development, strengthens the muscles in their hands and most importantly supports them as they develop pre-writing skills.  We really value the educational benefits of your crafts and will continue to offer your resources to our children throughout the program.  Kindergarten at Sandringham, Vic.

Over the last school holidays, we ran 5 days craft workshop at a Victoria shopping mall, sponsored by the mall owner. We ran different craft each day, we had Sand Art, Scratch Art Masks, Air Dry Modelling Clay, 2D Foam Art and Glow In The Dark Sand Art. The result was amazing, more than 60% of the customers turn up the whole week. Parents are astonished by the number of crafts we offer and the entertainment value. Kids winner craft choice was Glow In the Dark Sand Art. They were captured by the fun of making an artwork with our 12 coloured sand. Parents’ choice was 2D Foam Art. They were surprised by its simplicity but challenging yet rewarding nature – parents & kids had a ball,  we seen lots team work between parents and kids. What a fun week! (kb@gigglingkidscraft.com)     


Sand Art & Scratch Art Kits

“My kids are very busy with your Sand Art and Scratch Art kits and LOVING them. My house has not been this silent for a very long time. I am not sure I am going to give them dinner, it will disturb the peace!” Anne (mum of children aged 6 and 8)

“We like your Sand Art kit because it’s fun and we like the coloured sand. When we finishes they looked pretty.” Sejun, Sarah & Stella (children aged 4, 6 and 8)

“I stumbled upon Giggling Kids Craft when desperately searching for ‘cool’ activities for a party of 18 five year-olds with less than 48 hours notice! Not only was KB unflustered by receiving a call late in the evening, she was very helpful in pointing me towards the scratch-art masks (which the girls LOVED!). I also followed her excellent suggestion of giving one of the individual scratch-art packs (with fairy stencil) instead of a lolly bag. They were a big hit with both kids and Mums! Sarah K (Bayside mum of two children aged 3 and 5)


Air Dry Modelling Clay:

“The Giggling Kids products are wonderful!! My kids especially like the ‘Air Dry Modelling Clay’. As an artist I love these products for their pure creativity. They enable my kids to use their imaginations, sculpting skills along with hours of pure enjoyment!” Chris from Black Rock, Vic (mum of 2 children)

Batik Painting Kit:

“I love Batik Painting, in fact I love it so much I wish I could do it forever. The way the colours blend gets my attention the most.” Sydney (a girl aged 9, Moorabbin)


 3D Foam Craft:

“The foam crafts are awesome – they’re really fun and good to do on the holidays. The Lacing Puppet craftt kit is also really cool!” Connor (a boy aged 9, Beaumaris)



“From my initial enquiry with Giggling Kids to receiving our products for the kindergarten’s fundraising, your service was flawless. I will continue to purchase and recommend your products to many of my friends and family”. Daniela from Appletree Hill Preschool, Glen Waverley





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