Why Makedo™?


Nurtures open-ended play – Makedo™ products are designed open-ended, allowing imagination to run free. It’s about learning through making and play.

Reusable – Makedo™ tools are designed to be re-usable, just pull them apart and start making something new.

Easy, fast, neat construction – With Makedo™ tools build and connect things quickly, neatly and sturdily – unlike sticky tape and glue.

All kinds of materials – Makedo™ tools can be used with almost anything – from cardboard boxes to plastic containers, foam packaging to fabric.

All family engagement – Makedo™ products are intuitive to use for kids and adults at all skill levels. Perfect for collaborative building.

Build large or small – Build anything from life-size mazes and gigantic gorillas, to small simple creations – even creations with moving parts.

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